University of Lethbridge

General requirements

TOEFL total score     -86

IELTS overall score -6.5

PTE overall score     -63

Duolingo score         -115

The University of Lethbridge welcomed 650 students when it first opened its doors in 1967. With the completion of University Hall in 1971, the university moved permanently to west Lethbridge with enrolment growing to over 1,200 students.[5] The current location of the university was chosen only after an intense community debate with the provincial government which wanted the university to be located in east Lethbridge. After the university’s first convocation on May 18, 1968, more than 500 students, faculty and community members held a protest march in support of having the university located in west Lethbridge. Soon after, the government decided west Lethbridge would be the university’s permanent location.[5]

University Hall was designed by the renowned architect Arthur Erickson and sits within the coulees above the Oldman River. University Hall was selected as one of four buildings to appear on a Canadian postage stamp celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).[6]

Over the next half century, the student population has grown to 8,155 undergraduates and 640 graduate students as of 2019. The university now offers over 150 undergraduate degree programs in the Arts, Sciences, Management, Education, Health Sciences and Fine Arts. Further, the university has added over 50 Masters and PhD programs.

On February 10, 2022, the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association began its first ever legal strike action over issues such as working conditions, collegial governance, and equitable pay and benefits.[7] The strike concluded on March 23, with the Faculty Association voting 91% in favour of a new collective agreement with the university lasting through June 2024.[8]


University of Lethbridge overall ranking by THE is #1201 out of 1600 globally, #17 out of 28 in Canada for the year 2024 and for the Social Studies stream, it ranks #801 out of 997 in global ranking, #14 out of 31 in Canada for the year 2024



Application Deadlines

We have several intake periods with their respective application deadlines.

Note: When a deadline date occurs on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) or Statutory or Civic holiday, the deadline will be the next working day.




Undergraduate Application Deadlines :

Attending Fall 2024

(Application Opens September 1, 2023)

Attending Winter 2025

(Application Opens January 15, 2024)


Application 1 Admission Decision Documents 2 Final Official Documents 3 Application 1 Admission Decision Documents 2 Final Official Documents 3
International  June 15 June 30 July 15 September 15 September 15

January 10

International applicants who are applying from outside of Canada follow this application deadline unless a program listed below has an earlier deadline.

International applicants should ensure that they apply early enough to accommodate the processing time for their study permit application. Study permit processing times may be found a.


Minimum Academic Requirements

Bangladesh Four-year Bachelor’s degree or a three-year Bachelor’s degree plus a Master’s degree with a minimum of First Division standing.


Academic Programs  Undergraduate :

  1. Aboriginal Health
  2. Accounting
  3. Accounting (CPA Bridging)
  4. Addictions Counselling
  5. Addictions Counselling (Post-Diploma)
  6. Agricultural Biotechnology
  7. Agricultural Studies
  8. Agricultural Studies (Post-Diploma)
  9. Anthropology
  10. Applied Statistics
  11. Archaeology and Geography
  12. Art (BA)
  13. Art Education
  14. Art History & Museum Studies
  15. Art Studio (BFA)
  16. Biochemistry
  17. Biological Sciences
  18. Business & Supply Chain Management (integrated diploma & degree)
  19. Certificate in Arts and Science
  20. Chemistry
  21. Computer Science & Geographical Information Science
  22. Computer Science (Arts & Science)
  23. Computer Science (Management)
  24. Computer Science (Post-Diploma)
  25. Dentistry (Pre-professional transfer program)
  26. Digital Audio Arts
  27. Drama – Performance (BFA)
  28. Drama – Technical/Design (BFA)
  29. Drama Education
  30. Dramatic Arts (BA)
  31. Early Years Education
  32. Economics (Arts & Science)
  33. Economics (Management)
  34. Engineering (Pre-professional transfer program)
  35. English
  36. English Language Arts Education
  37. Environmental Science
  38. Environmental Science (Post-Diploma)
  39. Finance
  40. French
  41. French/Spanish
  42. General Major in Humanities
  43. General Major in the Sciences
  44. General Major in the Social Sciences
  45. General Management
  46. Geography
  47. Geography with Concentration GIS (Post-Diploma)
  48. History
  49. Human Resource Management & Labour Relations
  50. Indigenous Art – Art Studio
  51. Indigenous Art – Art History/Museum Studies
  52. Indigenous Education
  53. Indigenous Governance and Business Management
  54. Indigenous Studies
  55. International Management
  56. Journalism (Pre-professional transfer program- University of Regina)
  57. Kinesiology
  58. Law (Dual degree Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws)
  59. Law (Dual degree Bachelor of Management / Bachelor of Laws)
  60. Law (Pre-professional transfer program- University of Alberta)
  61. Law (Pre-professional transfer program- University of Calgary)
  62. Marketing
  63. Mathematics
  64. Mathematics Education
  65. Medicine (Pre-professional transfer program- University of Alberta)
  66. Medicine (Pre-professional transfer program- University of Calgary)
  67. Modern Languages Education
  68. Multidisciplinary
  69. Music (BA)
  70. Music Education
  71. Music Studio (BMus)
  72. Neuroscience
  73. New Media
  74. New Media/Computer Science
  75. New Media/Management
  76. Nursing
  77. Nursing – After Degree
  78. Philosophy
  79. Physical Education
  80. Physics
  81. Political Science
  82. Political Science (Management)
  83. Psychology
  84. Public Health
  85. Public Health (Post Diploma)
  86. Religious Studies
  87. Remote Sensing
  88. Science Education
  89. Social Studies Education
  90. Social Work (Pre-professional transfer program- University of Calgary)
  91. Sociology
  92. Therapeutic Recreation
  93. Urban and Regional Studies
  94. Veterinary Medicine (Pre-professional transfer program- University of Calgary)
  95. Women and Gender Studies



Graduate :

  1. Accounting (MSc (Mgt))
  2. Addiction and Mental Health Psychotherapy (GD)
  3. Addictions Counselling (MSc)
  4. Advanced Clinical Study of Addiction (GC)
  5. Agricultural Biotechnology (MSc)
  6. Agricultural Studies (MA)
  7. Agricultural Studies (MSc)
  8. Anthropology (MA)
  9. Applied Psychology (MC)
  10. Archaeology (MA)
  11. Archaeology (MSc)
  12. Art (MA)
  13. Art (MFA)
  14. Biochemistry (MSc)
  15. Bioinformatics (GC)
  16. Biological Sciences (MSc)
  17. Biomolecular Science (PhD)
  18. Biosystems and Biodiversity (PhD)
  19. Canadian Studies (MA)
  20. Chemistry (MSc)
  21. Computer Science (MSc)
  22. Computer Science and GIS (MSC)
  23. Counselling Psychology (MEd)
  24. Counselling Psychology (PhD)
  25. Couple and Family Counselling Studies (GC)
  26. Cultural Resource Management (MA)
  27. Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (MA)
  28. Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (PhD)
  29. Dramatic Arts (MA)
  30. Dramatic Arts (MFA)
  31. Earth, Space, and Physical Science (PhD)
  32. Economics (MA)
  33. Education (MA)
  34. Education (MEd): General major – Literacies & Numeracies
  35. Education (PhD)
  36. Educational Leadership (MEd)
  37. English (MA)
  38. Environmental Science (MSc)
  39. Epidemiology and Biostatistics (GC)
  40. Evolution and Behaviour (PhD)
  41. Finance (MSc (Mgt))
  42. Foundations of Data Science (GC)
  43. French (MA)
  44. French/Spanish (MA)
  45. Geography (MA)
  46. Geography (MSc)
  47. Health Sciences (MSc)
  48. Health Sciences – Public Health specialization (MSc)
  49. Health Services Management (GC)
  50. Health Services Management (MHSM)
  51. History (MA)
  52. Human Resource Management and Labour Relations (MSc (Mgt))
  53. Indigenous Studies (MA)
  54. Individualized Multidisciplinary (MA)
  55. Individualized Multidisciplinary (MSc)
  56. International Management (MSc (Mgt))
  57. Kinesiology (MA)
  58. Kinesiology (MSc)
  59. Marketing (MSc (Mgt))
  60. Mathematics (MSc)
  61. Music (MA)
  62. Music (MMus)
  63. Neuroscience (MSc)
  64. Neuroscience (PhD)
  65. New Media (MA)
  66. New Media (MFA)
  67. Nursing (MN)
  68. Nursing (MSc)
  69. Philosophy (MA)
  70. Physics (MSc)
  71. Policy and Strategy (MSc (Mgt))
  72. Political Science (MA)
  73. Population Studies in Health (PhD)
  74. Psychology (MA)
  75. Psychology (MSc)
  76. Public Health Program and Policy Planning and Evaluation (GC)
  77. Religious Studies (MA)
  78. Remote Sensing (MSc)
  79. Sociology (MA)
  80. Theoretical and Computational Science (PhD)
  81. Urban and Regional Studies (MA)
  82. Women & Gender Studies (MA)