IELTS Preparation Course

What will I learn in the IELTS preparation course? 

This English lesson focuses on recognising and reparing the weaknesses of the particpant.  Specific topics will be repeated and trained, dependent on the participant’s current language skills. This ensures that you will achieve the best possible result in your test. 

*Tips for time organisation
*Strategies to improve your score
*Practice of individual parts of the IELTS test using real examples
*Direct feedback on current skills
*Individual tips for free writing and speaking 

Course Information:

  • This is a 36-hour course, 2-hour per class, 3-class per week – Total 6 weeks.
  • During the course, your teacher will discuss your progress with you and give you clear guidance for the exam.


Course objectives:

  • Improvement of your language: grammar and vocabulary
  • Knowledge of the various test techniques for the 4 parts of the test – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.
  • Knowledge of the format of the IELTS test and what to expect.
  • Extensive practice in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Greater self-confidence in taking the IELTS test.
  • Experience of 2 mock IELTS tests to assess how much progress you have made throughout the course.


By the end of the course you will be familiar with the following:


  • Skimming and scanning
  • Long, academic styles texts
  • Detailed and speed reading
  • Understanding instructions and topic sentences Gap-filling and predicting


  • Describing data from graphs, tables, charts etc
  • Writing a balanced essay on a given topic
  • Organizing ideas
  • Time management
  • Writing different letters (for General Training)


  • Gist listening
  • Listening for specific information
  • Strategies for answering different questions.

IELTS Preparation Course Outline

Week 1:

Class 1:

  • Introduction to the IELTS Standard Test
  • Discussion About All 4 Modules
  • Assessment and QA Session

Class 2 (Listening):

  • Listening Introduction
  • Listening to Fragments and Understanding
  • Sample Questions Answer
  • Tasks Completion

Class 3(Listening):

  • Labelling a Diagram Which Has Numbered Parts
  • Classification
  • Matching  


Week 2

Class 4(Listening):

  • Multiple Choice
  • Short-answer Questions
  • Sentence Completion

Class 5(Listening):

  • Notes Completion
  • Summary Completion
  • Diagram and Flow Chart Completion
  • Table Completion

Class 6(Reading):

  • Introduction to Reading Section
  • Reading Tips
  • Types of Questions
  • Task Completion



Week 3

Class 7(Reading):

  • Short-answer Questions
  • Multiple Choice
  • Sentence Completion

Class 8(Reading):

  • Notes Completion
  • Summary Completion
  • Diagram and Flow Chart Completion
  • Table Completion
  • Choosing a Heading for a Paragraph

Class 9(Reading):

  • Identification of Writer’s Views/Claims – yes, no or not given
  • Identification of Information – true, false or not given
  • Classification
  • Matching lists/Phrases.


Week 4

Class 10(Writing):

  • Introduction to Writing Section
  • Advantage and Disadvantage Essay
  • Problem and Solution Essay
  • Opinion Essay

Class 11(Writing):

  • Graph With a Trend
  • Comparative Graph

Class 12(Writing):

  • Processes
  • Maps
  • Tables




Week 5

Class 13(Speaking):

  • Introduction and Interview (Part 1)

Class 14(Speaking):

  • Individual Long Turn (Part 2)

Class 15(Speaking):

  • Two Way Discussion (Part 3)

Week 6 (Class 16,17 & 18)

  • Full Mock Test 1
  • Full Mock Test 2
  • Final Discussion on Individual Strengths and Weaknesses.



  • Class practice on original exam questions will be conducted in every class.

  • Tips and Tricks on all modules will be discussed in each class.

  • Substantial Home Tasks will be given for keeping up with the class.

  • Course flow is subject to change upon discussion.

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